© Franziska van den Driesch

Zhé Wang

* in Jiangsu, China

Zhé Wang is an artist currently living and working in Leipzig, Germany. She works with different media, from photography and drawing to videos, installations and sound. Zhé’s recent works have mainly focused on language, surveillance capitalism, self-consciousness, and observation of human emotional activities, embodying her critique of consensus derived from language and ideology, and her contemplation of the potential political implications behind human mental activities that are based on cognition and sensual experiences. Zhé studied at the University of the Arts Bremen, with Prof. Rosa Barba, attained her Diploma degree and received her Meisterschülerin nomination. She has exhibited in Germany, Finland, and China, and was awarded with the „Karin Hollweg Preis 2018“.

© Zhé Wang, Foto: © Franziska van den Driesch
Smell Your Minds, room installation with projection and sound, size flexible, 2021, Städtische Galerie Bremen, Bremen, Germany